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Merchant Registration

Merchant Registration

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What we do


Merchant Services

We provide merchant services for credit card processing, custodial accounts, specialized financial transaction workflows, international commerce, donation services, high risk industries and more.

Payment Processing

Credit and Debit Card processing, ACH, Wire Transfer, On-line payments, Virtual Cards, Custodial Accounts, Monthly Billing Services. 

Point of Sale

Spiffy handheld devices, virtual point-of-sale and on-line store capabilities. We support you on-line, in the store or on the go.

Advanced Payment Applications

Customer Account Management, CRM features, BI& Analytics. We have the ability to customize and strategically enhance your abilities. 

InnoPay has Many Modules and Features to Choose From


Payment Options

 Credit, Debit, ACH, Wire, Other

Configurable Preferences

 Vendors can have different arrangements for locations, stores, devices, multiple MIDs and we can organize it the way your business works. 

Customer Registration

Forms for customers to sign up for wallets, accounts, etc. These are easily connected to your site to integrate financial services for your clients to your web site.

Verification (KYC) 

Know Your Customer! PLAID service. This can be done directly through the API or Forms for customers to upload IDs are available to have Verification of Identity processed.

Account Mgt.

 We keep track of all accounts/wallets opened and closed. We provide search and history through the Merchant Portal for complete customer support. 


InnoPay can provide your users an e-Wallet, capable of using multiple funding sources: cards or bank accounts. From these wallets you can do several different kinds of payments and transfers.   

Virtual Point Of Sale (POS)

InnoPay has a Virtual POS that is cloud-hosted. You can use with or without devices, and access it from anywhere on the internet. Can also run on tablets/PCs/laptops.    

Hosted iFrame Payment Forms

InnoPay helps keep you completely PCI compliant and secure. From your online site, you can navigate to payment pages, which handle the card entry and processing, and are customizable with your logo and colors so your user experience is seamless. 

Virtual Cards

From your account or wallet, generate a single use virtual card, for a specific payment. Very secure option for vendor payments.

Pre-Paid Cards

Pre-paid cards can be used as gifts, or as a handy way to deal with specific vendors. Processed just like regular credit cards.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a special quote for my business?

Yes you can! just contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Does InnoPay work internationally?

Yes, we do. Currency conversions include USD, CAD, AUD, JPY, GBP, EUR

Does InnoPay provide reporting?

A. Yes, our Merchant Portal provides reporting and charts, both in PDF and Excel Downloads, and Dashboards.

What kind of card devices can I use?

A.Android A920 - this scanner has many features: swipe, chip, scan ID, receipt printing, and handles a variety of workflows. We can also work with many other scanners. 


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Our Values

Innovation in the financial industry serves everyone's best interests. 

Integrity in communications and services creates a successful environment. 

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