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Merchant Registration

Merchant Registration

  • Advanced Payment Solutions

    Advanced Payment Solutions

    Every industry needs advanced payment management, special workflows, multiple payment options, and extended capabilties, to provide their customers with the easiest, most secure options, while automating for competitive service. We service many industries that are considered high risk, and complex. We have what you're looking for. Innopay is the answer.
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  • Credit and Debit Card Processing

    Credit and Debit Card Processing

    InnoPay provides a gateway to multiple processors and easy integration for your business. We can assist you with Merchant Services, best pricing options, and the best reporting and self-service with our Merchant Portal.
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  • Custodial Account Management

    Custodial Account Management

    If your business requires Customer Account Management with banking options, funding sources and multiple payment transactions, such as custodial accounts, wire transfers, ACH, InnoPay is ready to help you.
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  • Point of Service Solutions

    Point of Service Solutions

    Whether your business is brick and mortar, on-line or mobile, or a combination, we can provide point-of-service card processing, a virtual POS and extended applications and tools for managing your special needs.
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  • Recurring Payments

    Recurring Payments

    Whether it's a monthly subscription to services, or membership fees, InnoPay offers flexible, reliable services that can be customized to meet specific business requirements. The Recurring Payments service ensures that transactions are processed on a regular schedule. We also make sure that you the customer, do not have to store PCI data and are security compliant. There's a feature for subscribers to update their payment methods when that changes. Full transactional detail is provided in the Merchant Portal. Special features in the portal allow you to do research and customer support on the recurring payments, and we provide a detailed set of reports. With InnoPay your recurring billing is streamlined and efficient!

Why choose us?

We Design

Not all payments are equal. Different industries require tailoring and InnoPay knows how to do this. We can adapt to your needs.

We Listen

Our process ensures that we familiarize ourselves with your business goals and strategy. We are thorough and careful.

We are You

We treat you like a partner, and are here to help you accomplish your goals. If you succeed, we succeed.

We Perform

It doesn't matter if you're large or small, we have a solution for you. Dream big. We can scale.

Are you in

Retail?  Travel?  Financial Services?

We supply solutions to high risk industries. We work with complex processes and workflows so that your payments are automated, secure, and easy for your customers to use. 

Online processing, card-not-present, in stores with devices, mobile with tablets, and combinations of these, with multiple payment options, Credit, Debit, ACH, Wire Transfers, Virtual Cards and more, you can have a tailored solution all serviced in one place. 

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Innovation in the financial industry serves everyone's best interests. 

Integrity in communications and services creates a successful environment. 

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